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Welcome to the official Mush-z maps repository for Alter aeon!

Here, you will find maps to many alter aeon locations, provided to you by other alter aeon players. If you are starting out, or you just want a place to store your maps and share them with your friends, you've come to the right place!

What are these maps, anyway?

These maps use a mush-z feature called zmap. When you are playing, you can type zmap to see available commands.

Here are the steps to create and share a map:

  1. Type zmap start to begin creating a map which will start at the room you are currently located.
  2. Move to the desired location using normal direction commands. If you move backward, the mapping system will usually detect that and avoid recording the last direction you went to.
  3. To enter special commands, such as open door, or enter portal, type zmd or zmap door and the command. For example, zmd open gate or zmd enter portal or zmd get pickaxe.
  4. If you are unsure in which direction to go and you want to move around to check you're in the right place, type zmap pause, move around, go back to where you were and type zmr or zmap resume to begin recording directions again.
  5. When you arrive to the desired location, type zmap stop to finish creating a map. You will be prompted to save the file. To use it, sae it in worlds/alteraeon/maps in mush-z.
  6. To try out your map, move to the starting room and type zmg or zmap go and the map name. If it shows an error, maybe you saved it in the wrong location.
  7. If your map works, share it with us by using the upload form below!
To install a map, right click the download link and choose save link as... and put it in your worlds/alterAeon/maps folder in your mush-z installation.

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